Before there was Black Sheep Grip Apparel there was The Black Sheep Grips. The Black Sheep Grip CO, INC. is the parent company to this enterprise, the father to the daughter as we might say considering this is a father and daughter run company. In the 1980s, a twenty something year old named Tony with big ambitions and even bigger hair moved out to California to enter into the film industry, a profession he had some experience with thanks to his older brother, who was a producer of commercials and industrials in the Detroit Metro area. Throughout his tentative years in California, the twenty something year old found his footing and created the company at the age of 26.
Black Sheep Grips was born and so to was its iconic logo, the ram’s head with black sunglasses, gold tooth, earring and hand rolled cigarette. What started out just as a business logo for the company became an image coveted by all those in the film industry that saw it worn on their colleagues. Since it’s founding, the only way someone could own a piece of apparel with the Black Sheep Grips (BSG) logo on it was if he or she worked for our founding father, Tony. If you did not work on the same production as the Black Sheep Grips then you were shit out of luck . . .
Until now.
After years of people asking and telling Tony to take his logo and sell it to the masses he has finally done so and Black Sheep Grip Apparel was born. With the help of his daughter, Isabella, a twenty something year old, okay a twenty-four year old if you really must know, with not as big hair as her father’s when he was just starting out creating the Black Sheep Grips but with just as much ambition. Yes, we do realize that we do not have an s in our name… Black Sheep Grip Apparel haS a better ring than Black Sheep Grips Apparel and we have to distinguish the two companies somehow.
Now you know A brief and not so detailed history of how this apparel company was born. Perhaps one day we will go further into detail but for now this is all that we have to tell those who are not familiar with the BSG logo.